Certified Federal Loan Services

Department of Education has approved services that can give out Federal loans;

  1. Navient Nelnet is the servicer that was formerly known as Sallie Mae Inc it is one of the largest student loan servicer in the United States of America this serve as an important link between the lender and the borrower you can contact them at +1-888-272-5543.
  2. Nelnet is one of the servicers services that are out there they help process your monthly student loan payment they will help you through each stage of your loan whether you are in school or Grace. Or even entertainment you can always contact them at +1-888-486-4722.
  3. Great Lakes is a student loan servicer which is a non-profit company it has dedicated itself to helping took all the students and it searches loans for the US Department of Education and for private lenders they make every step Andrew payment after long and boring of the land loans easy call you can always contact them at +1-800-236-4300.
  4. Fed loans colon FedLoan Servicing which was also known as PHEAA, is a Servicing Company for federal student loans fasting for static US Department of Education contact information for fed loans is 1800 699-2908.

Student Loan Programs

The Federal government has two types of loan programs to choose from.
1. Direct Loan Program
2. Federal Perkins Loan

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