Applying for A Federal Student Loan

Applying for Federal Student Loan is actually a very simple process that can almost entirely be completed online.To make the process easier we have listed the steps below

  1. To start the process you have to complete a FAFSA form or a renewal FAFSA form for students that are reapplying.This form is required to be filled out by current and future college students both graduate and undergraduate in the US. It helps to determine their eligibility for financial aid. This form will be submitted to the Department of Education for reviewing process directly.
  2. This will then result in receiving a financial aid award letter to the student from the Department of Education three to six weeks after submission of their FAFSA form. Each of these letters will outline all the key information regarding the financial aid program that is being offered.
  3. After receiving and going through these letters the student will then contact their school’s financial aid office to let them know which repayment program they have selected from what was offered to them
  4. Once the program and the Student Loan package has been accepted the Student will then just review and sign any required documents that are associated with example a Master promissory note.

Student Loan Programs

The Federal government has two types of loan programs to choose from.
1. Direct Loan Program
2. Federal Perkins Loan

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