United Docu Prep was established to assist people with the preparation of documents to the Department of Education.

United Docu Prep’s mission is simple. Provide the absolute best customer service in the industry to people who need help with preparing documents for the consolidation of their student loan debts, applying for programs that can reduce or eliminate their current or delinquent student loans, or applying for any number of programs to do one or each of the aforementioned processes.

At UnitedDocuPrep we understand the importance of having your documents and applications prepared the right way, the first time, every time. Allow our seasoned and experienced professionals to walk you through the application process and get your FREE initial consultation.

The consultation is FREE and could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in loan payments!

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Student Loan Forgiveness
Defaulted Federal Student Loans
Income Driven Repayment Plan
Student Loan Consolidation
Applying for A Federal Student Loan

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